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A wedding, no matter how big or small, represents a personal investment into creating an unforgettable experience for yourselves and for the most important people in your lives. We recognize the importance of creating a trusted and open relationship - we've invested the same care into building our team.


Get to know us.



Owner + Creative Director, WPICC, DWC

Ever since I can remember, creating events has been my passion, but it did take me some time to dedicate my life to them. I guess my journey started with not quite loving my first career path. Business marketing for me was a head-down, get in and get out path that led me to various marketing administrative job(s) across the GTA. Pepper in various client service and hospitality jobs and you've got a girl who's not really passionate about anything but finding her purpose.


In 2013 I took a large leap of faith and decided to quit a secure, full-time job and go back to school for Special Event Management. Pretty immediately I knew I was where I was meant to be. Fast forward a year and a half, countless event experiences, a cap-and-gown later, and I'm working full time at a prestigious historic Toronto venue, as well as a well-known Toronto-based wedding planning company.

Over the course of the next three years, I soaked in everything I could about the industry through other professionals, developed my own style, found my place, and in 2017, Dream Weaver Events was born. I absolutely LOVE what I do - which is how I've been able to bring something special to the planning process for my clients. I take my passion for creating, my business-professional experience, and my true love of building relationships in to each and every event I design and execute. When all is said and done and you're walking into your event for the first time, I promise you will experience every element of detail we discovered together during the process.


When I'm not planning or designing, I'm spending precious time with my family and friends, probably making them sit down to a curated table setting for an otherwise normal dinner. I'm a big baseball fan, my favourite colour is purple, and I'm obsessed with hot air balloons. 

I'd love to get to know you better over tea (or coffee, though tea is more my thing), and hear all about your big day.

Jill for bio.jpeg
Senior Lead Coordinator

Jilliann is an accomplished event planner known for her attention to detail and passion for creating extraordinary experiences. Born into a family that has always had a knack for planning and hosting events, Jilliann pursued and furthered her education when she graduated in 2019 from the Hospitality, Special Events program at Humber College, with honors. 


Jilliann has since been planning large scale corporate events but with a true passion for all things wedding related. Jilliann’s calm and comforting demeanor is truly what stands out, as you’ll often hear her say that she loves love. As a visionary, Jilliann understands that every wedding tells a story. She’s also a master coordinator who meticulously manages every aspect of your wedding day. 


When Jilliann isn’t planning events or weddings, you’ll find her at home spending time with her family or working on another house project with her husband. 

Senior Lead Coordinator | Production Manager

Meet Chantel, a dynamic individual with a passion for education, creativity, and advocacy. With a decade of experience as an educator, Chantel has dedicated herself to shaping young minds and fostering a love for learning. Her commitment to teaching extends beyond the traditional classroom, as she constantly seeks innovative approaches to engage her students and make education an exciting journey.


Not limited to the realm of education, Chantel is also a talented creative designer. Her artistic flair shines through in her ability to envision and bring to life aesthetically pleasing spaces. Whether it's planning a classroom layout or decorating a venue for a special event, Chantel’s keen eye for design ensures that every detail is carefully considered and flawlessly executed.


Above all, Chantel loves the process of creating. Whether it's designing a curriculum that sparks curiosity in her students or bringing her artistic visions to life, she thrives on the joy that comes from turning ideas into reality. Her dedication to her craft, combined with her unwavering enthusiasm, make Chantel a truly remarkable educator, designer, and advocate.

Jessica Silva
Emily Humaña
Akilah Prendes
Reahannon DeRoché
Melissa Thomas
Meghan Kelly
Sydney Morrison, WPICC
Cynthia Rivera

Team photos captured by Manning Avenue

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