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You can't say 'I Do' without your Crew - Unique and fun Bridesmaid/Bridesmen Proposals

As a wedding planner, more often than not I get to mix business with pleasure, and have a little fun helping clients with the less logistical items. Believe it or not, one of the questions I get asked the most is about asking the wedding party! In the Pinterest era, it's really tough to be original and everyone is always looking for the next best thing. Lately I've been working a lot on ways to elevate the experience for my clients in their weddings, while also shopping local, and supporting female-run businesses and then it's like a lightbulb went on - DING DING DING! Sound the alarms, I think she's got it!

SO, recently I've started suggesting some of the following unique items and experiences as ways to ask bridesmaids/bridesmen to be in the wedding party and they have been so well received that I thought I would put it into writing and spread the word to the masses! Below is my quick list of my current top 5 ways to ask your bridesmaids/bridesmen!

*DISCLAIMER* if you know me well you know that I am fiercely loyal, and will support things and people I believe in until I'm blue in the face. If you didn't know that, now you know! Some of these things you may have heard or seen me talk about before and guess what, they make great proposal items as well so here goes!

1. Cookie Dough Charcuterie Box

Hana and Farrah Ela of Dough.TO, rightfully named Toronto's Dough Dealers, are taking Toronto and Canada by storm with their safe-to-eat cookie dough, and have recently launched this incredibly decadent Cookie Dough Charcuterie Box. The box features dough truffles, dough-filled macarons, various Hershey's cookies and chocolate bars, and of course, cookie dough! What bridemaid/bridesman wouldn't want to indulge? The boxes were available for a limited time to order, but can be placed as catering orders for special requests, like weddings!

2. Miñatas

I've recently had the pleasure of being introduced to one of the most fabulous women I know, Michelle Laratta, the Owner and Creative Director behind Big Ass Piñata. She introduced me to the Miñata, or mini-piñata, that can be filled with your choice of candy and of course, customized as your proposal! Starting at $15, this one is cute, fun, doesn't break the bank and offers a really nostalgic way to honour old childhood friends if that's who you're choosing for your wedding party!

3. Wellness Items

I'm a huge sucker for wellness items, stock me up with candles, get me some essential oils, and I'll be eating out of the palm of your hand. This Canadian Etsy shop creates this cheeky candle that combines the fun of having bridesmaids/bridesmen with the zen you hope your crew will all have throughout the planning process with you! Consider this an apology for the future you (unless you hire a planner, then you'll be a perfect peach :P)

4. Personalized Sugar Cookies

So many faves I can't just choose one! This is another local, female-owned and operated business by my dear friend Courtney Pass. Pass the Cookies specializes in the most INSANELY, perfectly decorated sugar cookies, and Courtney is honestly one of the most humble people you will ever have the pleasure of working with! She has perfected the sugar cookie taste and has the most steady hand for a perfect product every time. If you can catch her (she travels A LOT) you will definitely not be disappointed!

5. Experiences

Last but certainly not least, I'm always one to encourage a way to celebrate! After all, most times you want to get your gals/guys together to ask them, so why not ask them with an event? Some of my favourites right now include Vine & Vintage Winetasting experiences, Aphrodite Cooks cooking classes, and for the more physical experience, why not an intense boxing class with Girls Just Wanna Box?

I'm proud to know that all of these businesses & experiences are female owned and operated, and also proud to call the women that run these businesses my friends!

If you choose to use them, let us know what you think? Tag us when you ask your crew so we can see how you did it with your own creative twist!

Have fun!

xo, Shana


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